If our brand ethos is outfit repeating and (ultimately) waste reduction, the only true

way to make this happen in regards to packaging is to reduce the amount of it.

Aligning with our sustainability model we partnered with No Issue to create our packaging where the design process was made simple and very enjoyable while having peace of mind because of circular materials and carbon offset shipping.


We wanted for you to feel special and a part of the HAUS family when you receive the package but also for it to not feel too precious and wasteful to discard. Custom kraft mailers are made from 100% FSC-certified recycled paper.


Made from 100% Organic Cotton, the drawstring bags are for you to keep your pieces in when carrying them around, or to use for any other of your valuables. We love the idea of reusing.











Designing this tissue with No Issue was



extremely quick and simple and the result is so pretty that we used the tissue also as posters for our launch open studio. This quickly developed into our favorite photo corner.









August 23, 2022 — Karina Trofimova