Let's start by saying how overjoyed and immensely grateful we are for the outpour of love we've received since launching HAUS LABEL. To all of those who shared, called, visited the studio and supported- thank you! You are a part of the journey now!

That is exactly what it has been already and will continue to be - a journey. There is no point of arrival because, as we learn along the way, we aspire for HAUS LABEL to be something that is always evolving. Here are some learnings so far as well as confirmations of things that we've known since the beginning of time. 

1. Everything happens for a reason. As with any new project, hiccups occur and moments of bliss come swiftly- but it all works out in the end.

2. Going hand-in-hand with #1, patience is key. Isn't this always true?! A lesson that life loves to serve in the moments where we are full speed ahead.

3. The love from outfit-repeaters and friends near and far is unparalleled and has kept us energized and ready to take on all that's to come.

We are enjoying the present moment and are excited for the future, and we hope that so are you. Let's learn what we love, normalize outfit repeating and feel confident and strong along the way.

 We also have some exciting news to share: you can now stay in touch with us via the HAUS LABEL newsletter. We promise not to overcrowd your inbox - the purpose of the newsletter is to find common ground, discuss topics that we care about and, hopefully, enjoy the journey together.


Karina and the HAUS LABEL team

August 23, 2022 — Karina Trofimova