By now you know we're self proclaimed "Outfit Repeaters" to the point that we put it on our socks. But why do we believe in wearing the same thing over and over again? Here are just some of the reasons-

Outfit repeating reduces decision fatigue.

Decision fatigue is a cognitive shortcut that causes irrational trade-offs in decision-making because of overwhelm and exhaustion. Sounds scary, right?! All of us are faced with important decisions every day, and then there are five million unimportant ones that are necessary but would be better if avoided as energy vacuums. Many executives and even creatives opt for a uniform because not having to make a daily choice of a new outfit frees up their energy and creativity for other priorities.  One prominent example is Barack Obama's presidential outfits. He claims to have worn the same-colored suits every day so as to limit the number of decisions he has to make.

Outfit repeating gives us the gift of time.

Who doesn’t want the gift of time?! Our time is arguably the most valuable asset we all have, and it’s one that cannot be replaced. What is that one thing you've been wanting to add to your morning routine? With less time to spend on choosing an outfit, we have more time to develop a beautiful self care habit. For me it’s prayer and a workout, for some it’s mediation and a cup of coffee while catching up on world news. Honestly, more sleep sounds brilliant as well. 

Outfit repeating exudes confidence.

We all know the feeling of wearing something that just doesn’t feel like “us”. Even if everyone else compliments this particular item or outfit, the compliments don't compare to the feeling of being completely yourself. Finding a few silhouettes that feel natural create and exude confidence that no trendy outfit can do.

And this is why we love our pieces that can be worn from a Pilates class to a meeting to drinks with friends. We feel great, and when we feel great others notice it too, and we start to build a circle of positive connections around us. But that’s a topic for another day ;)


Karina and the HAUS LABEL team

December 15, 2022 — Karina Trofimova