Grace and Ava Sautter are professional dancers, fitness trainers, and sisters born

and raised in NYC. Grace attends Alvin Ailey, and Ava is a corps de ballet member of New York City Ballet. Fusing their love of physical movement and well-balanced living, their online workout classes and social media platform

(@thesauttersisters) redefines what it means to live a "healthy" life, putting body and soul nourishment at the forefront of their practice. 

1. What is your key to having a healthy relationship with movement?
We truly believe the key to having a healthy relationship with movement is recognizing and establishing your “why.” Why do you workout? Recognizing your intentions and making sure they align with what you want is key! 


2. What is your key to having a healthy relationship with food?
The key to having a healthy relationship with food is honoring your body and it’s individual cravings and cues. Nobody knows you like you do, tapping into your own intuition is everything when it comes to fuel. 


3. What helps you stay grounded in the path that you have chosen?

Staying grounded in our paths is often a challenge as we are constantly on the go, but finding moments of stillness and time for ourselves is what has made the biggest difference. Solo dates, long walks, podcasts, a self care night, or a hot bath - whatever “me time” looks like to you, is the key! 


For a quick lower body circuit try the below movements - 12 reps each, 3 times through.




Produced by They and Theirs
Photography/Cinematography by Stephen Cosco
Creative Direction by Ashley Muench
January 19, 2023 — Karina Trofimova